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Any of these look familiar?

Hard to read Sharpie on wood
Can't find the location of samples
Unknown status of assay results
Illegible ID Tags
Files buried in long email chains
Multiple external hard drives
Dark ink maps printed from Google
Unsure who has the latest information
Scribbles in a notebook
Shift handover confusion
Searching for documents for regulatory deadlines
Not enough storage on your computer
Having trouble identifying historical core?
Always searching for the latest project data?
Worried about file storage space?
Ever think there has to be a better way?

Meet Orogen Data.

Orogen Data is a place where mine & exploration geologists can securely store and access their data related to geological samples, directly in the field.

Collaborate with ease across your entire team and save time on admin tasks with durable sample tags that give you instant access to your records. Never lose your data again.

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Better the mining and exploration industries across the world. We also make sure our products are high quality and long lasting products to withstand the test of time.

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