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ID Tags

Instant data access. For years to come.

These tags just don't cut it anymore.

Printer ink and cardboard were never meant to be used outside, especially in Newfoundland & Labrador.
Not legible
Adhesive can let go
Are easily damaged
Ink can fade from the sunlight
Are brittle in the cold
Can be time consuming to make

Here to stay - for years to come.

Keeping your data identifiable forever. Metaphorically speaking, of course.
Made from specifically chosen aluminum
High contrast lettering for maximum legibility
Rounded corners prevent objects from catching on the tag
Environmentally sustainable manufacturing process
Scannable code gives direct instant access to related data
Easily attachable to sample boxes

Help become part of the solution.

Give the geologists of the future a helping hand by improving your workflow today.
Piece of mind for long-term storage
Simple to use
Can mark tags as 'open' for the public to scan
Easy access to data in the future
Direct instant access to related data inthe field
Easily readable tags for everyone
Suited for extreme outdoor weather
Benefits the entire exploration industry

Curious to see?

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