We are on a mission to better the mining and exploration industries across the world. Producing high quality, long lasting products designed to withstand the test of time.

Our Purpose

To build a more sustainable, reliable, and profitable mining and exploration sector.

Save time on simple tasks

So you can focus on what really rocks your boat.
Sync Your Files

Make sure everyone has the latest files with the sync feature. Everything will save automatically so you never have to worry about losing your data.

File Requests

Request and collect files directly from the app. Clients and Contractors can upload requested files without having to create an account.

Improve cost efficiency

More bang per buck. Guaranteed.
Add Collaborators

Add new team members or consultants instantly, or change and view people's access to the project right from the surface.

Schedule Project Timelines

Use a gantt style chart to stay organized from the start. Schedule equipment usages, team resources, and budgets with ease.

Simplify your workflow from end-to-end

Go directly from A to C, skipping the BS.
Single Storage Solution

With Orogen Data, you can store everything in a single location. Gone are the days of multiple hard drives, USB sticks, and missing files.

Overview - At a Glance

See all the relevant information right on project open. See your assigned tasks, the most recent notes and files, and pick up right where you left off the day before.

Our Team

Ali Fakhoury - Co-founder
Ali Fakhoury
Co-founder / CTO
Cole Inkpen - Co-founder
Cole Inkpen
Co-founder / CEO
Allan Cramm
Co-founder - Novamera Inc.
Ed Moriarity
Executive Director - Mining NL
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Our 'Orogen' Story

The idea for Orogen Tech began at the College of the North Atlantic's Office of Applied Research developing a system to photograph drill core. Cole Inkpen, working along side two other Graphic Design students, were tasked with creating a system to catalogue hi-res photographs of drill core. The goal of this project was to protect the investment of extracting core and to promote collaboration over distance, saving time and money. Read more about the original project here.

After being developed and passing trial runs, the imaging system was brought to the Labrador wilderness for a real-world industry field test. Once the workflow was established, we found a slew of complications. Finding the core's location, identifying the correct boxes, accessing information on the core, and knowing what the head geologists needed from our images. It was one hell of a field test.

Using his knowledge of technology and user interaction, Cole began to form ways to fix the issues that were found in the current industry workflow. A few years later and Orogen Tech is being brought to life, from the hands of Ali Fakhoury, our other Co-Founder and Lead Developer.

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