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Orogen Data

A collaborative platform for all your project data.
Orogen Data is a place where Mine & Exploration Geologists can securely store and access their data related to geological samples, directly in the field to collaborate with colleges anywhere.

Orogen Data can:

Save Money
Spend less time on admin tasks and more time in the field collecting data.
Save Time
Gone are the days of chasing down the latest version, or waiting on others for results.
Simplify Workflows
Request, assign, chat, share, and store with just a few clicks - and a whole lot less emails.
Improve Collaboration
Have your entire team working together with the same data. If they're on site or not.
Elevate Your Data
With all your data in one place, it's easier than every to make connections.


Preview Project Information

See project creation date, who’s working on the project, and general info right on the dashboard.

Sync Your Files

Make sure everyone has the latest files with the sync feature. Everything will save automatically so you never have to worry about losing your data.

Add Collaborators

Add new team members or consultants instantly, or change and view people's access to the project right from the surface.

Archive Completed Projects

Once finished, you can archive the project to store data for the long term. You will always have access to the data, and can export it anytime.


Overview - At a Glance

See all the relevant information right on project open. See your assigned tasks, the most recent notes and files, and pick up right where you left off the day before.

Single Storage Solution

With Orogen Data, you can store everything in a single location. Gone are the days of multiple hard drives, USB sticks, and missing files.


Future Release
In-App Messaging

To keep all project related information together, we built an in-app messaging feature. Share links to files in your project without the need to upload and download each time.

Future Release
Create Teams

Improve Communication efficiency with separate team chats for clutter-free messaging

Guest Access

Allow guests to view your project data without the ability to make changes.

File Requests

Request and collect files directly from the app. Clients and Contractors can upload requested files without having to create an account.


Grant users access to data with a simple but powerful permissions system.

Future Release

Custom Maps

Printer Friendly

When needing to bring the maps into the field, they will print highly visible with less ink. No more full pages of dark ink.

Overlay Shapes, Icons, & Maps

Contextualize maps by freely drawing and placing graphics overtop. Highlight historical activity, define new prospects, or mark areas of interest with just a few clicks.

Upload Custom Maps

If you have a recent aerial survey or historical maps, upload them directly into Orogen Data with ease to use in your projects.

Future Release

Project Management

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to other team members and keep track of their progress. You can also link tasks to the project schedule to automatically keep everyone in the loop on what’s been completed.

Schedule Project Timelines

Schedule project timelines using a gantt style chart to stay organized from the start. Schedule equipment usages, team resources, and budgets with ease.

Barcode ID Tags

Ease of Access

With Orogen Data's innovate ID tags, accessing contextual information is effortless. Just sign-in, scan the code, and view any related information to the sample in front of you.

Mark As Open

Once the sample has served its purpose on a project, you can mark the sample as 'Open’. This lets the public access the information related to that sample. Of course, you control what stays private aswell.

Future Release


Stay Organized

Send files, tasks, anything between your team members all inside the app. Keeping everyone in the loop instantly, without blocking your emails inbox.

Context Included

Gone are the days of missing file attachments in emails. Reference any part of the project in chat without the need to upload or download anything.

Group Messages

Create groups to update people on project schedules and tasks.

Laptop and Mobile Phone with Orogen Data open

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